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What Sets Us Apart

At Cramer & Rauchegger, Inc., our primary focus is our clients. We specialize in advising higher net worth families who are currently enjoying or are close to entering the retirement phase of their lives.

Cramer & Rauchegger, Inc.’s Comprehensive Approach Includes:

Retirement Planning

Help clients prepare for, transition to, and reach their goals so they can enjoy their time in retirement.

Investment Planning

Help clients understand their investment options and put together a plan designed to ensure their investments last their lifetime.


Incorporate tax-efficient strategies so that clients can keep more of what they make and potentially pay less in taxes.


Create an estate plan that makes it simple for clients’ assets to go to their intended heirs with the least amount of taxes and expenses.

Our Planning Process:

  • First Visit

    Initial consultation meeting
    The goal of our first visit is to get to know you, find out what is important to you, and better understand your retirement and estate planning goals. It is helpful if you bring copies of your investment statements, estate planning documents, insurance policies, and recent tax returns. This will help us get a better overall picture of your current situation.

  • Second Visit

    Analysis and planning meeting
    We will present a thorough financial and estate planning analysis, including your investments, real estate, estate planning, and insurance. You will receive a formal written retirement savings and income plan.

  • Third Visit

    Recommendations meeting
    We will present specific investment, insurance, and estate planning recommendations based on your personal situation and retirement goals.

  • Fourth Visit

    Implementation meeting
    We will begin to implement your tailored investment and retirement plan while incorporating a review of both your life insurance and long-term care insurance.

  • Additional Visits

    Regularly scheduled meetings
    We will schedule visits (both client and advisors requested) for monthly, quarterly, or annual portfolio reviews, tax strategy reviews, and life-changing events.

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